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This page generally contains informational videos on the following topics: 1)Unemployment Insurance 2) Child Custody and 3) strategies for Child Custody. These videos will simply provide the viewer a basic amount of information on each topic, enough to become somewhat familiar with the arena.

Unemployment Insurance for Workers in NY

Legal information about unemployment insurance benefits for people who worked in New York State. By LawNY, Inc., a free legal aid organization.Learn about what you can do if your former employer ...

New York Divorce Lawyer | Introduction to Child Custody in New York (FE42)

http://www.newyork-divorcelawyer.comIntroduction to Child Custody in New York:There are two parts to custody, legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody gives a parent the rights to make ...

Win Child Custody - Winning Strategies and What Judges Look At

Best Practices for Prevailing in a Child Custody Matter

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