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Unemployment Insurance-Part I:Filing Without Flaws

In this economy, some of us experience tough times with the job market. It really hurts when you are laid-off, fired or simply discharged after you have given your all to a company for years.
You are now confronted with a heart-wrenching question, “how will I feed myself and my family?” Absent any other answers to this intimidating question, Unemployment Insurance benefits is the answer. This blog was arranged to answer this question in various parts as it applies to different scenarios.
First, it is important to call the Department of Labor immediately and file your claim. I personally believe that it is better idea to file online. Reason being, your words will rarely if ever get changed or altered. And you will have your own copy of what you have submitted if you cut and paste it into a word document.
Second, when and if you fill out a claim online, I believe it is best to give full explanations of everything so you do not leave anything vague. If your responses have less detail, it is highly likely this will work against you. The Employer will frequently explain things thoroughly and provide detailed documentation. You must counter the Employer with as much detail as you can produce. You will be fighting a losing battle if you provide scant or limited detail in your submission. Be thorough.
Lastly, follow up with the Department of Labor. Rochester Works can provide you instructions on how to make your wait several minutes shorter. When you do communicate with the Department of Labor, communicate often and ask numerous questions. Be clear about the information you are receiving. The only way to do this is to communicate frequently and with different representatives. It is likely any one of the representatives can be inaccurate. We are all human………Godspeed and Good Luck.

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